Mike Hopkins

I am an 8th generation resident of (formerly) Blair county Pennsylvania. A descendant among the first settlers in western PA.

I now live in West Hartford, CT.

The first 40 some years of my life were pretty damn awesome. I traveled the world, made friends all over and lived pretty well…

I decided to make this site so that I could control the content and I think that the social networks that are out there suck. I wanted to have a place that was better than a reader, that could post to my social networking accounts in addition to having an easy place to get a hold of me on the interwebs.

The rest of the world doesn’t need my political views, opinions and religious beliefs jammed down their throats via social media. This place is my slice of the web and cannot be searched by Google or anywhere else. If you found your way here it is because you clicked on a link on a website somewhere that I own or am a member of that brought you here.

untitled (1)Finally, I have always been interested in technology. This is a place that I intend to keep up with the web, smartphones and social media. If you are a techno geek, you might find it interesting but I can’t guarantee that it will be organized because it is a work in progress, in a constant state of flux just like the world we live in.

I invite your comments and enjoy a good debate on occasion but I want to make it clear that this site isn’t to argue politics, religion or your opinion. If that is your thing, I suggest you make your own website. I’m using WordPress.com because it’s simple and flexible enough for this project and easy for anyone to learn with little web knowledge.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your time here…if not, well, too bad.




WARNING!   This site contains my opinion, beliefs and is a direct reflection of my morals, values norms and humor.