SAVE for the Reform of evidence based Domestic Violence Laws

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Everyone is aware of domestic violence in the situation where the male hurts the female or the child abuse against children, but what about when females are the abusers? Aggressive Click to Like Facebook Pagebehavior is more the norm for males, not females.

Teenage girls getting into trouble for fighting is on the rise. More and more suspensions are happening and girls getting expelled are on the rise, every year.

In society, I have seen this firsthand. Many times students will be standing around before class starts talking and goofing around with each other, when all of sudden one of the girls in the group will haul off and slap or punch one of the boys. The boy’s reaction is always to laugh either because he is flirting or because he is embarrassed and doesn’t want her to know how much it really hurt.

Boys are taught at a very early age to never hit a girl and this is drilled into their heads through out their lives.

When girls get the signal that hitting or slapping a boy is funny or a form of flirting and doesn’t hurt the boy and he wont hit back, then the behavior will follow them into adulthood.

In the teenage and college years, when girls get into an argument with their boyfriends, they feel that it must be OK to smack or punch them around.

Adult married couples, wife is upset and takes it out on the husband as a punching bag, knowing full well he wont retaliate.

In all of the above situations, if they were reversed, the male would go to jail, serve time, and have a permanent record of abuse.

But I know when and if, the male does file a complaint, the police officers often don’t file any charges. Once again reinforcing that it’s OK to punch, hit, bite, slap and because you are a female, the male wont fight back and the charges/complaints wont stick.

Folks need to wake up and teach their daughters this is wrong and it is ABUSE. Stop it when they are young. It needs to be stopped in the home, immediately. By laughing at it or ignoring the behavior will only be perpetuating these actions and set up a lifetime of violence.

Men are generally too ashamed to say anything about women beating them.

Society’s attitude needs to change as a whole. Violence against anyone is never OK. It is wrong PERIOD. Violence is violence no matter what gender or age.