Video: Micro Apartments

The rent for those tiny 260 ~ 325 sq. ft. subsidized apartments will be between $940 and 1800 dollars a month in NYC.Micro Life
Everything has become smaller. Technology has allowed for your encyclopedia and entire book collection, movies and songs to fit on a tiny laptop or flash drive. TV’s are almost paper thin and a very small percentage of the population uses land line connected phones. Cables are rapidly becoming a thing of the past with implementation of Wifi and blue tooth. Gone are the Excursions, giant Lincoln land yachts. Today cars are getting smaller and as the larger ones are phased out they will get even smaller. Hello smart car. You can store a smart car on a rack and downsize a parking garage to a fraction of its normal size.

Efficient design is the product of smart living and necessity. 100 years ago nobody considered the 21 sq ft triangle between the fridge, stove and kitchen sink. 

It seems to me that the trend isn’t “bigger is better”…look out Texas.