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Women in uniform- Our ladies are under attack

This is scary. I have long thought and have often been chastised because of my man-centric blinder belief. I think men and women are different. I think we (in regard to the sexes)… Continue reading

The Day We Fight Back 2/11/14

In January 2012 we defeated the SOPA and PIPA censorship legislation with the largest Internet protest in history. A year ago this month one of that movement’s leaders, Aaron Swartz, tragically passed away.… Continue reading

“Never forget”

Almost a year later, do you remember this? What does “boots on the ground” really mean? We have soldiers all over the world that are at risk everyday and possibly even more if… Continue reading

John Cusack Interviews Law Professor Jonathan Turley About Obama Administration’s War On the Constitution

Our Country is a POLICE STATE. In the event that you missed it, please stop, take a deep breath, smell the roses and then look around you… This comes on the eve of… Continue reading

Everything I ever wanted in one Picture

’nuff said, I mean, food and water are needs…

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