Women in uniform- Our ladies are under attack

This is scary. I have long thought and have often been chastised because of my man-centric blinder belief. I think men and women are different. I think we (in regard to the sexes) have different strengths. Women are better at some things then men are and vice versa.
I am a strong believer that women should not be involved in combat. When I say combat I mean, physical combat. Women can fly planes manage combat and logistics but should not be involved in the trenches of war.
Combat breeds issues of protection and simply requires more physical strength to gain an advantage over your adversary.

It is not a place to put opposite sexes together such as a prison which invites human nature and the downfall of potential hormonal blending. What I mean is men and women in this environment exacerbated by stress will find a way to comfort each other and to exercise Darwinism in the face of extinction.

It is not a place for the sexes to intermingle no matter what the Pentagon says.
Women have skills that would be wasted in this kind of environment.
I am not saying that they can’t accept blood, guts and death or violence, men do not intrinsically either. We are made to accept it.
There is another issue today about domestic violence and the laws that have been made that give the perception that women are not aggressors. Both sexes can be violent.
There are some women that love to watch football and want to be part of the game. This is not war.
I am not trying to compare glamorized\organized football to war but we all know that men have a lower threshold for pain than women and compared to men, women can give birth to children.
Yeah, I left that open ended.
I can also say that women don’t pass out when a child is born.
Women are tough but they aren’t men.
It only takes one man to procreate with multiple women, as the feminist arguement ascertains. This is true. It is a fact.
The Military works on a chain system. The weakest link is the break of the chain and command.
Women aren’t the weak link but they are the innate\ inherent failure of men in the battlefield.
Call it what you want and nobody is willing to do otherwise but the ladies can deal with more pain, deal with more gore and probably turn off their own survivor mode to help the next to win and live, women will throw away everything for the life of their kids and not even think about it for a microsecond.
We men are bred to do a different job.
We do not do well with women in the garage. We should but most of us don’t. Many would rather see a woman on a calendar then wrenching alongside their partner although I am not one of those men.
We are trained from the day of birth to win pissing contests. Yeah, we are stupid like that but we take pride in it anyway.
This makes us prime candidates to protect our clan, our wives and children at any cost and we are genetically programmed to do this from birth.
Women are as well but they are the primary factor of why men survive. Without women, all men would not live. Simply put, your momma made you and every man knows this, respects it and realizes that without her, he would not walk the earth. Women are bad ass but in a different way.
If not for women, men would not even exist. Women make this world and their men are the reason that they can continue to do it. otherwise we would not survive (men).

Women are the reason we live and most importantly the reason we will die for you. It isn’t that complicated. It is an inherent \ built in thing that we do this for you because we need you, we love you and we will do everything for you.
This is our job. We do it well. We work in tandem. We are somewhat disposable but we also carry on genetic traits that are important for us both with our Y chromosome.
Beside the fact that we like that you wear skirts and we are fashion nimrods, we will always covet you.
A women gives birth to a son, he is already made for this.
This is no fault of anyone. It is the way of things and lately it is being contested.
This is our purpose and our part to make sure that our children survive but only second to a woman’s ability to have children and most importantly provide the elemental needs and protection for their survival.
There is no man that walks this earth that would not give everything to protect his mother nor would he ever want her in a foxhole.