Cold Pasta Salad

Pasta saladThis recipe is so simple and can be great for the summer time served chilled. You can leave it in the fridge for a long time and eat off of it here and there. Great food if you have kids that want an instant snack or an excuse to get out of cooking dinner.


1 bag Multi colorerd fusilli = corkscrew pasta = pasta twists (or whatever you call it)

1 lb cubed boiled ham (dice size)

1.5 lb cubed SWISS cheese (dice size)

1\2 lb sliced pepperoni

1 med size Yellow Bell Pepper cleaned (gutted) cut into squares

1 med size red or orange bell pepper cleaned (gutted) cut into squares

Kosher salt to taste

Dressing Options

Olive oil and white vinegar (Try my DIY Vinegars)


Italian salad dressing (Try my DIY Italian Dressing)

Optional ingredients:

Fresh basil leaves shredded (roll them up and chop with sharp kiife

1\2 cup black olives

Sliced regular or half cut cherry tomatoes

Parmesan cheese to taste

Shredded or ring sliced pepperoncini peppers


Boil the pasta per instructions on the bag then strain in colander then let rest until cool.

Mix in all other ingredients except the dressing

Let the eater choose how much dressing. It’s best not to add the dressing in advance because the cheese will get squishy and the noodles soggy at the bottom of whatever sealed container that you put it in.

SWISS cheese works best because it resists mopisture and won’t get nasty. It also adds a stronger flavor to the salad.