Farewell…Evelyn’s Ashes

EVELYN’S ASHES shared the stage with such national acts as Sevendust, Papa Roach, Cold, Fuel, 10 Years, Rev Theory, Hurt, Taproot, Nonpoint, Dokken, Warrant, and Smile Empty Soul

Sad but true, otherwise a guaranteed great time, the Final Farewell Show on February 8, 2014 at The Orchards in Chambersburg, PA. is sure to please. Evelyn’s Ashes will be joined by Baltimore rock group, Silvertung
For tickets, directions, and more info, click HERE before they fade to black…

After releasing two albums over the course of their 8 1/2 year career, 2008’s ‘Far Away‘ and 2012’s ‘Letters From Home‘, in the beginning stages of a 3rd album by late 2012, Central PA’s best rock band has decided to call it quits. Their original songs pack a hard punch with a powerful message but they are also known for their live cover versions of well-known rock songs

Evelyn’s Ashes – YOUTUBE

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