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Unrivaled Rivalry

I have never been in this predicament. If Penn State Wins, all is normal and life is good but possibly vice versa if they win as well, considering my circumstances if we would.… Continue reading

Women in uniform- Our ladies are under attack

This is scary. I have long thought and have often been chastised because of my man-centric blinder belief. I think men and women are different. I think we (in regard to the sexes)… Continue reading

A cultural deterrent- The Gutfeld effect

A deterrent to prison: Things you won’t getto (ok, “get to” the imagery of the ghetto, well, you decide- not really a simile or metaphor but I am typing with old eyes 10… Continue reading

Farewell…Evelyn’s Ashes

Sad but true, otherwise a guaranteed great time, the Final Farewell Show on February 8, 2014 at The Orchards in Chambersburg, PA. is sure to please. Evelyn’s Ashes will be joined by Baltimore rock group, Silvertung.  For… Continue reading

Acapella – Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix

Happy Holidays! I’m not religious but this is cool nonetheless…

Holy Mother of Vinegar

Perhaps nothing walks so fine a line through the world of culinary appreciation as vinegar. The bane of the winery, it’s also the prince of the kitchen, and few salads would be worth… Continue reading

WTF: Wild Thanksgiving Forgiven…

Have a bottle of WTF after breaking bread with those that matter the most… Accidents can be costly, especially in the bourbon business. So when Wild Turkey realized they had mistakenly blended small… Continue reading

Heisenberg WINE: Red, White & Blush

My first experience as a neophyte vintner was in 1995 in Hanover, PA. A coworker named Kevin kept trying to talk me into making home brew wine. At the time I wasn’t much… Continue reading

Banned Welch’s Wine Video

Welch’s made a new wine with HIGH alcohol. It was immediately discontinued but not before they shot this commercial that never aired.  Although wine yeast can yield at most 18% alcohol (36 Proof)… Continue reading

Love U long time Jack O’

There are a lot of myths about how to preserve pumpkins but few if any of them stand up to actual testing. Here and here you can check out pumpkin preservation tests carried out by pumpkin enthusiasts.… Continue reading

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