A Shot at a Real Once-in-a-lifetime Trophy Hunt

I know these guys and so I can vouch that this is legit – Great odds of winning a killer Whitetail hunt in Kentucky

You heard right! A Trophy Whitetail Hunt in Western Kentucky brought to you by FatNeckOutfitters

A world Class crew with an out of this world opportunity of a lifetime

It’s simple enough, send your contact information in to FatNeckOutfitters – Like the Facebook Page HERE and you are in!

Anyone who wins the hunt can give it away to anyone that they want!

Mothers, husbands, grandparents, anyone!

Your hunt will be filmed and produced then posted on Fatneckoutfitters.com and forhuntersbyhunters.com

Visit fatneckoutfitters.com to get more details on the drawing date. We’ll see you in the field!