Social butterfly tip of the day

“The fastest way to meet new people is to pick up their change from the bar”

The look on my face when Ron Houtz (left) says to me “I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize”

…and I’m thinking about the equation, “The alcohol goes in, the truth comes out”…

This just after we hear some guy shout at the television ” Why do chicks dig Rhodes Scholars and Peace Prize winners!”

The 3 of us begin to assemble a theory and devise an experiment to win the peace prize while Charles mutters something about this guy stealing his status of token drunk at the bar.

The seemingly scientific plan was to figure out how much beer it took to make us forget that tomorrow was Monday.

…during the discussion,  Charles (Carlyle) interrupts with “I hate it when I take a drink and the ice attacks my face”

After the ice cubes stopped bouncing all over, Ron says “we shouldn’t chase anything other than drinks and dreams!”

Charles exclaims that we could forget tomorrow is Monday which would only prove that we were alcoholics.

and I reply “Listen, I’m not an alcoholic. Alcoholics, they go to meetings, I’m a drunk. We go to parties…”

Ron reply’s with “you can’t drink responsibly either, they don’t sell that brand of vodka here”

The rest of the night was a blur for the Logistics Manager, Product Developer and the Peace Prize Planner…

The wisdom never learned: The best odds of meeting some girls would be to go somewhere other than the bar.