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Women in uniform- Our ladies are under attack

This is scary. I have long thought and have often been chastised because of my man-centric blinder belief. I think men and women are different. I think we (in regard to the sexes)… Continue reading

A cultural deterrent- The Gutfeld effect

A deterrent to prison: Things you won’t getto (ok, “get to” the imagery of the ghetto, well, you decide- not really a simile or metaphor but I am typing with old eyes 10… Continue reading

Altoona, PA Ghost House

Back in 2004, a resident (Brenda) of Altoona, PA asked the Ghost Hunters (T.A.P.S.) to visit her house. T.A.P.S. agreed with Brenda to keep the location of the home undisclosed. The house in… Continue reading

Faux Face

All about this weird Plastic face (LINK). How could this be better than a real face? GET FACED!

Queen of Vainglory, really?

Stupid Bling…

Tribute: Breaking Bad

Banned Welch’s Wine Video

Welch’s made a new wine with HIGH alcohol. It was immediately discontinued but not before they shot this commercial that never aired.  Although wine yeast can yield at most 18% alcohol (36 Proof)… Continue reading

Is the testicle-eating fish spreading across the country?

After the news last week that a New Jersey pensioner reeled in one of the exotic fish, notorious for reportedly killing men by ripping off their genitals, comes the news that one was… Continue reading


Sadly, the best drama of all time has come to an end… Coincidentally, I shaved my head. I think I might go with this for Halloween this year as my Walt Hopkinberg Costume!… Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Dog Food?

I love Asian food as much or more than the next person,  I really do. I can eat Kimchi, Bulgogi, Pho – bo, Yaki – Mandu, Singapore Mei Fun, Dim Sum and a… Continue reading

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