Bacon Grease Candle

My wife likes bacon. Actually, she loves it so much she practically lives off of the stuff. I have been trying to get her to eat other healthier things now and then as… Continue reading

DIY: 6 Drawer Farm House Platform Bed

When I was a kid I had built furniture in high school shop class for my parents home. I had a knack for it and spent a short stint as a cabinet builder… Continue reading

Google Sketch up: Shipping container Home

I have been using Google Sketchup (free download) for over a year to design beds , bow cam mounts for smartphones and most importantly a shipping container home. For free 3D modeling software,… Continue reading

Beyond: Fake Eggs

Most animal replacement foods are geared for vegans and vegetarians, and anyone who’s had a soy burger knows they certainly don’t taste like beef. But Hampton Creek’s plant-based egg replacer, Beyond Eggs, are… Continue reading

PA Fall Foliage Calendar

Scenic Drive Link Every fall, Pennsylvania puts on an unrivaled blaze of glory along its highways, country roads and small towns. The autumn canopy reveals the candy yellows and rich oranges from poplar,… Continue reading

“Never forget”

Almost a year later, do you remember this? What does “boots on the ground” really mean? We have soldiers all over the world that are at risk everyday and possibly even more if… Continue reading

Willy’s Jeep Mower

I’d tool around on this sucker all day long, would you? Fat fendered, rock rails and a radio!

Tytoona CAVE

40° 36′ 6.20″ N 78° 13′ 5.29″ W Tytoona Cave is located approximately 1-mile (1.6 km) from Arch Springs, Pennsylvania in Sinking Valley, near Tyrone and Altoona, in the United States. This preserve is the ninth nature preserve owned by the NSS… Continue reading

SCASHS Class of ’88 Reunion Video

Not just a place but a religion…

The Cooking Oil Chart

I like to cook which means that I really enjoy eating.  You can’t get around using cooking oils and choosing the right one for the application is critical to good eating and healthy… Continue reading

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