Love U long time Jack O’

There are a lot of myths about how to preserve pumpkins but few if any of them stand up to actual testing. Here and here you can check out pumpkin preservation tests carried out by pumpkin enthusiasts.… Continue reading

Fiat Baby Jeep?

The camouflage covered body looks like a Fiat 500L, but AutoGuide’s sources say that there powertrain and chassis are bound for life as a small Jeep crossover. Both a Jeep and Fiat version of the… Continue reading

Er Wang Dong: Have you seen it?

The cave system was discovered in the Chongquing province of China by a team of cavers and photographers Caver Robbie Shone, from Manchester, said a few of the caves had previously been used… Continue reading

Is the testicle-eating fish spreading across the country?

After the news last week that a New Jersey pensioner reeled in one of the exotic fish, notorious for reportedly killing men by ripping off their genitals, comes the news that one was… Continue reading


Sadly, the best drama of all time has come to an end… Coincidentally, I shaved my head. I think I might go with this for Halloween this year as my Walt Hopkinberg Costume!… Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Dog Food?

I love Asian food as much or more than the next person,  I really do. I can eat Kimchi, Bulgogi, Pho – bo, Yaki – Mandu, Singapore Mei Fun, Dim Sum and a… Continue reading

Old School with a Twist

Gone are the days of the simple games and toys that  I remember. I often wonder what it’s like being a kid today. Before our time we made fun of parents who played… Continue reading

Video: Micro Apartments

The rent for those tiny 260 ~ 325 sq. ft. subsidized apartments will be between $940 and 1800 dollars a month in NYC. Everything has become smaller. Technology has allowed for your encyclopedia… Continue reading

Cucumber Mint Beer?

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean a crisp, refreshing beer isn’t on our minds. Mint and cucumber are both regularly associated with refreshment, but rarely are they associated with beer. R… Continue reading

Pocket Breathalyzer

Ever been in limbo about whether or not you are safe to drive after a couple drinks with friends? Most of us have had that dilemma, and nobody wants to make the wrong… Continue reading

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