Unrivaled Rivalry

StuffedI have never been in this predicament.

If Penn State Wins, all is normal and life is good but possibly vice versa if they win as well, considering my circumstances if we would.

I am a new resident of the far left corner of OH…and my boss’ office is adorned in blazen Red- Buckeye Territory as well as the Scheduler\Customer service head and the conference room projector background and reminders all over in my new place of employment…not far from where I rest my head.

There are homes and buildings adorned with the Ohio State logo and their proud colors that now have become so familiar to me and the Lions in the Big 10 complete with not such a peaceful olive branch but one from a buckeye tree.

They say if you keep a buckeye in your pocket, you will have good luck.
I know that I will invent a good lucky charm for the next rivalous faceoff if we were to suffer a loss from the Bucks.

I might be hung if the Lions win whuch might be an end to the “unrivaled” mantra in the Big 10…

Black Saturday is coming and I wonder what it might bring for Urban Meyer and coach Franklin in the end…

I have hopes of keeping my head high or I might have to call in sick on Monday to survive and reamain gainfully employed.

No matter what, we still have Michigan to beat and there are those that at my place of employment who are chomping at the bit.